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Start Blogging in 9 Easy Steps to Keep Your Customers Engaged

By on August 28, 2014

Bloggin’ Boot Camp was a Success!

We had a series of calls and assignments, covering the topics listed below.  Each of these steps will help you get your blog going.  If you’d like access to the actual phone calls, you must be on Team Hotsy-Totsy.  Get in touch with me, and I’ll hook you up. 🙂

How to Start Blogging

You NEED to do this. No one is too busy to market their Paparazzi business online for free! All it takes is a few minutes each day. This BLOGGIN’ BOOT CAMP is going to help you learn why and how to keep in touch with your current customers, how to exhibit the credibility to be customer centric, and gain new ones through your NEW BLOG!

*There will be a special prize for those on Team Hotsy-Totsy who participate and complete the course!

Each step has a phone call:

Dial – (605) 562-3099

Enter Access Code – XXXXXX# (it’s the same code we use for our team calls)

Reference Code – (Listed with each topic)

Password – (Contact Lisa)

1. August 26 – Introduction to Blogging

Reference: 41

Assignment: Brainstorm 50 topics (journal entries)

2. August 29 – Branding Your Business Across the Internet

Reference: 43

Assignment: Set up at least 4 social accounts

3. September 2 – Keyword Research

Reference: 44

Assignment: Get 5 of your topics and pick 1,2,or3 keywords that have a high search rate and low competition AND Choose 5 of your topics and write the text for it

4. September 9 – Discreetly Incorporating Keywords into your Post

Reference: 46 (there is a tiny bit of garble at the beginning… it will get back to normal)

Assignment: Choose 2 posts and write them completely with keywords in them

5. September 12 – Now you have 2 posts… how to tell everyone about them! (posting on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.)

Reference: 48

Assignment: Use the techniques you learned to “advertise” the 2 posts you have written.

6. September 16 – Tying into PINTEREST… in depth

Reference: 49

Assignment: Find 5 blog posts on the Internet, and practice posting them AND create 1 original pin of your own (infographic).

7. September 19 – Blog Post Titles

Reference: 54

Assignment: Write 10 optimized titles from your list of topics

8. September 23 – List of Tips and Tricks

Reference: 52

Assignment: Write 2 more Blog Posts

9. September 26 – Let’s Write a Post with the Techniques We’ve Learned!

Reference: 55

Assignment: Create 10 complete posts, applying everything you’ve learned and get a boot charm to add to your necklace/bracelet!  – This might only be available for a limited time, or until I run out of charms!

Just comment below with the link to your new Paparazzi-related blog and send me an email, and after I approve it, I’ll send you the charm.  Way to go!!!

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