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My sister can talk me into anything!

By on September 30, 2011

I was ready to restart my video business.  I had done it for 7 years then took a 3-year break.  I had bought a few supplies the week before, and them BAM! my sister calls me…

Sheri: “Have you started your video business yet?”

Me: “Hmm… well, I was going to put an ad online tomorrow.”

Sheri: “Don’t. You have to sign up to sell this jewelry!”

Me: “What? Why? Who? What???”

She proceeded to tell me ALL about it.  She attended a Paparazzi open house, and the consultant asked her if she’d be interested in signing up.  She was definitely not, but then the consultant asked if anyone she knew might like to… (smart girl, BTW).

That got the wheels spinning and the conversation going, and here I am!

I had immediately gone online and read the Policies and Procedures.  I couldn’t find a lot of pictures (which I now know is because the inventory is always changing), but I still signed up without even seeing the product!  That is how confident I am (or at least Sheri was) in this business structure and profit margin.

I bought the $700 kit, despite my wanting to get the $1400 kit.  It was a bit too scary to charge that much money.  {Later I realized that I wished I had gotten the bigger kit.}

I can’t wait to get it!!!

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