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***I’m Sorry, but the STORES mentioned below are no longer available.


Because I love you guys so much, and because I love technology, we have created online stores for EVERYONE on Team Hotsy-Totsy!

There are only 2 requirements to having a Paparazzi online store:

1. I need your name!  What would you like your store name to be?  Everyone’s store starts with… then you get to choose the rest.  (for example, mine is

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2. You have to have ordered within the last 90 days.  There is no need to have an online store if you’re not an active consultant.  You store will never be deleted, so even if it’s shut down, it can always be reopened after you place your order.

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After your store is created, you’ll get an email that looks like this:

To login, go to
Your password is ______________
Your store is:
If you already have a website of your own, you can create a menu button labeled “store” or “shop” and point it to your store.  Otherwise, this store URL can be advertised to your customers as a place for customers to shop with you!
*IMPORTANT: Make sure none of file names of your uploaded jewelry pictures have # or $ in them.  Please contact me with any issues, as we continue to improve and perfect your online stores.