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Hotsy-Totsy Team (Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories)

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[dt_blog_posts cats=”7″ select=”only” orderby=”date” order=”DESC” ppp=”5″ thumbs=”1″ column=”full-width_fourth” title=”Here” /] [text_box class=”green” title=”If you are new to the team….”] 1. Setup your store. Go to to see the demo store. 2. Sign Up to be notified of all our trainings. 3. Participate in our Charming Incentive. 4. Join our Facebook Group. 5. Plan ahead and register for Convention. 6. Welcome!! We are SUPER happy to have you on our team! [/text_box] [text_box class=”red” title=”If you are not yet part of the team…”] You have GOT to join us. So many of us are THANKFUL we found Paparazzi and each other. We are blessed to have unique and AMAZING people in our circle of friends! Contact us on the “right-side” of this page for more info. [/text_box]