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90-Day Paparazzi Fitness Challenge!

This starts September 1st!!

There are monthly prizes drawn from anyone who achieves 50 points or more during September, 75 points or more during October, and 100 points or more during November.  At the end of each month, we will draw THREE winners from those who have qualified.  There are THREE $25 prizes each month, so you have GREAT odds of winning!


There is the BEST GRAND PRIZE ON THE PLANET to be drawn after November 30th from anyone who achieves 225 points or more.  This is on the honor system.  It is completely achievable, it’s fun, it’s competitive, and it WILL help you grow your business. (It will be fun to see who keeps us on our toes as the point totals get higher and higher!)

HERE is the Cheat Sheet file to mark your points.

HERE is the list of Rules to the challenge.

If you’re “IN”, then Add your Name, and send me your “favorite” thing to add to the prize basket!  There is no deadline to be “IN” because we want all the new team members to play, too!  But the sooner you send it the better…. I want to make a video about this and tease you all with the grand prize submissions!

***If you didn’t hear the phone call about this, dial 605-562-3099, access code 207777#, reference 83***

My address to mail the gift is:

Lisa Abercrombie

249 Bentley Ave.

Winchester, VA  22602

Click HERE to add your name and update your points on the file.

Here are the current standings: